Practical, Actionable TCI Skills

Graduate credits available with project

TCI Training Webinars

  • TCI for Mandarin: the Essential Knowledge series
  • Live with replay option!A seven-week series specifically for TCI teachers of Mandarin Chinese covering all aspects of a successful TCI-based Chinese program.

  • TCI Mandarin Demo: Director's Cut
  • On demand! A think-out-loud look at a skilled TCI teacher's thought process while teaching. Includes reflective subtitles and skill callouts. Watch as many times as you like for 72 hours.

  • Advancing Skills: Picture Talk
  • On demand! Take your TCI teaching to the next level in the classroom by delving into Picture Talk! It's easy and cheap to set up and provides endlessly variable, easily customizable high-quality input and differentiation, all in one.

  • TCI with a Textbook!
  • On demand! Do you want to teach with Comprehensible Input, but need to use a particular textbook -- maybe one that isn't very CI-friendly? This webinar will show you how to organize your content and provide great input to students, while still "keeping up with the textbook teachers" and keeping administrators happy.

    Terry Waltz has been teaching Chinese, Spanish and Mohawk using Comprehensible Input for two decades. Her original contributions to TCI Chinese include the Cold Character literacy method, directional gestures, and the TOP system of Romanization. She is the author of numerous illustrated readers and chapter books for emergent and early readers of Mandarin, Spanish, and other languages, and the originator of the Super Seven list of basic concepts for Novice-level instruction. She continues to write and train teachers worldwide in the use of Comprehensible Input techniques.